Marketing Expert

Hello, it is Megan. With the presence and power of social media, becoming a marketing expert nowadays does not seem that hard, especially if you measure success by the number of audiences you were able to reach and turn into customers. Like most millennials addicted to social media, I was able to turn it into a profitable business.

I started when I was still in college, studying Marketing at the University of Washington. Having the basic knowledge and knowing the strategies of effective marketing, I used it to my advantage and volunteered to partner up with a friend who was planning to build my own start-up company. I handled social media marketing and content marketing side of the business.

Two years after graduation and the start-up significantly grew and became a huge success. This is in huge thanks to mine efforts in creating compelling content that established brand awareness and reached thousands of audience that I was able to convert to customers. That experience alone honed me to be a marketing expert and fueled my desire to achieve more.

Now I work as a marketing coach in a large marketing company in Seattle while handling the content marketing of numerous small businesses on the side. Feeling fulfilled and grateful for the opportunities I was given, I started a blog to help small businesses and start-ups run by young entrepreneurs establish their brand, reach their target market, and grow their business through content marketing.

Content marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies to attract prospective customers and leads. Some of the most useful information and secrets about content marketing that she wrote on her blog can help grow your business. However, the benefits are not always immediate. Content marketing is a long process and requires a lot of creativity, innovation, and trial and error in order to engage your leads.

You need to come up with content ideas that would create a lasting impact on your audience and raise brand awareness. Constantly re-evaluating the quality of your blog posts and social media content is necessary to drive more traffic to your site.

You have to make sure that the topics focus on the solutions of your customers’ problems to make them realize they can benefit from the products and services you offer and that your content adds value to their life. Valuable content helps you build credibility and authority that positions your business as an industry expert.