Month: February 2018

5 Techniques On Finding Your Personal Style In Content Writing

Creating your unique style of writing especially in this modern Internet age, where readers are constantly in pursuit of quality, engaging, and original content is essential. If you are just starting out and have just created a blog, refining your style to establish your own voice and achieve the tone of your blog is a must. Here are some techniques to get you started.

Start with what you already know

Start with what you are already familiar with to make it easier for you to write and immerse yourself into the setting of your content. By doing so, you will be able to grow with the character or in the setting of your story. Your story or the content you are writing will inspire you and bring you back into a specific emotional state.

If you were able to feel strong emotions after writing and reading your work, your readers will feel the same way, too. This will help them connect more powerfully with your story or content.

It is best to avoid clichés

If you find yourself suddenly borrowing quotes, words, and storylines from other known authors or your favourite book, take a step back and think again. It is very easy to fall into that trap especially if you have doubts or if you are running out of ideas.

Remember the first step is to start with what you know. Copying other people’s work can ultimately damage your originality and your readers’ perception of your writing style. It is better to do your own thing and produce work that resonates with the readers.

Pay attention to details and be creative with your choice of words

When you pay attention to details, you also get intimate with them. It helps you enhance your writing and give your readers a vivid picture of your story or content. It is better to be specific with your descriptions and characterisation of your characters and settings. Your choice of words can powerfully affect your readers.

Try turning objects into metaphors to give your mind some creative exercises. The ability to turn something mundane into something original, special, and into a greater context is a gift. Avoid using the same old words to describe objects or settings. Try to adapt a different approach or see things in a different perspective

For instance, you can transition your description of a certain event or object by using an anecdote or a memory combined with vivid words.

Do not be afraid to break some writing rules

Do not be scared to experiment and test the limitations of what you think are capable of writing even if it means bending and breaking some writing rules. If you examine the works of some of the great writers in history, you’ll find that they do not really follow the rules, but were able to succeed in their goals.

Write everyday

Writing everyday is a good practice to exercise your creativity and to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. The more you practice your writing the more you will grow as a writer. How much you write everyday doesn’t really matter, but frequency does.

Over time, you will eventually figure out what your personal writing style is and refine it. You will be able to write faster and more effectively. Words will come out naturally and your content will appear more authentic.


These techniques can help you find your personal style in content writing. Set aside some time to practice writing everyday and let your creative juices run free. Soon you will be able to find your own voice and your readers will appreciate your work and get so deeply submerged in the story you are writing.