Month: February 2021

Ethical Leadership

Ethical leadership refers to a form of leadership that is guided by respect for ethical values and beliefs, as well as the rights and dignity of others Mohamad, 2010. It also relates to various concepts, including honesty, trust, charisma, consideration, and fairness (Mohamad, 2010). Ethical leadership also involve to morals and values that individuals find appropriate or desirable, as well as an individual’s motives and virtuousness. (Mohamad, 2010).

One of the impacts of ethical leadership on an organization is that it helps in the establishment of a positive work environment through the creation of productive relationships among the team members, as well as the overall organization (Okantey, 2012). Besides, ethical leadership can significantly improve collaboration and conduct management within a team by increasing the employees’ morale. Ethical leadership also helps managers to maintain positive work communication between the employees and the managers, thereby influencing job attitude and productivity (Okantey, 2012). Ethical leadership also contributes to the improvement of the overall health of an organization through the acts of showing respect for one another, as well as recognizing and valuing others’ opinions. You can read more about the detailed research on leadership in this leadership definition essay.

Authoritative leaders employ leadership skills that ignore the importance of ethics in organizations and are therefore divergent with my responses to the question under discussion you can find out more in this essay about leadership. Besides, authoritative leaders make their choices based on their personal judgments and ideas and rarely accept other people’s opinions. On the other hand, participative leaders are entirely in agreement with my response to the question under discussion because they embrace teamwork, value mutual respect, as well as build friendships with the employees as a means of enhancing their contribution to the organization’s overall goal and maintaining an ethical work environment.