As nowadays you are a successful entrepreneur and social media influencer, was the road difficult so far? What major issues have you faced with while setting your own goals?

To be fully clear, there were enough pitfalls during the road. At some moments I was questioning myself whether to continue or not. I`m thankful for my surrounding and my friends who never gave up on me and who always supported me. To get to the point of issues – if you don`t face with issues, that means you don`t follow the right wind.

Is there anything you regret not doing/doing during the years at the University of Washington?

Actually I do. I regret I had that little time for various activities. If could I would have enrolled for every student organization available at the time. Those were tremendous! Now, as honored alumni, I annually attend meetings and influential events, where I tell my stories, share experience and give advice. (subscribe to my newsletters not to miss an event!)

Can we be a bit stalking and ask about your personal life? Meghan, is there a man who owns your heart? ♥

Feel free! (laughs). Yes, even though my schedule is booked in advance for months, I do have a boyfriend. We often spend time outside of Seattle and enjoy the weekends together. Family is as important as successful career! So you must find a balance in between!