This Privacy Policy page contains information about the collection, use, and distribution of all users’ information on our site.

Types of Information

  • User’s Personal Information – This refers to any personal information our users provided us through email or comments. This includes the user’s name and email address.
  • Technical Information – This refers to non-personal information collected that includes the user’s browser settings, page activities, IP address, and location.

Collection, Use, and Distribution of Information

The only information we collect is the technical information that helps us improve our site and its content. This information is only exclusive to us and we do not distribute this information to third parties. We do not collect, use, and distribute any personal information of our users. However, the name of the user who left comments on our pages can be seen by other users. That is the only thing that site visitors and third parties can see. They do not have access to other information.


We use cookies to ensure that our users have the best browsing experience while on the site. You have the option to turn it off in the settings at any time.

Protection of Information

The data we collect is secured and protected. No third party sites have access to all information.

Third Party Sites

To further improve our site and its contents, we sometimes partner up with other companies and websites that have the same vision as us. This is to enable us to provide more useful information to our users and generate more engaging contents.

Amendments to Privacy Policy in the Future

We reserve the rights to amend, change, or update our privacy policy in the future or at any time we see fit. We ensure that our users and site visitors will be updated for any changes made in the future through a notification or post on our website. Feel free to save or bookmark this page to check if there are any changes made.

Acceptance of this Privacy Policy

Using this site automatically means you agree to all our policies. Questions and concerns about the policy that are not stated here can be raised through email. Check our contact page and do not hesitate to send us a message! We will gladly clarify and answer your inquiries. We hope you enjoy our site and the contents we work so hard to provide for you.